South Jersey

Getting a DOT physical in South Jersey is fast and efficient at the office of Dr. Andrew Herman. Dr. Herman is an expert in DOT physicals who offers patients a streamlined process for meeting all of the requirements for the DOT/CDL physical exam or fitness certificate.

Dr. Herman, a Doctor of Chiropractic in South Jersey for more than 25 years, has been a Certified Medical Examiner for the Department of Transportation for 15 years. He is highly qualified in the assessment of a driver’s physical condition, as well as any psychological or emotional issues that might impact a driver’s safety.

If you live in South Jersey, possess a CDL and need to obtain your DOT physical you will find Dr. Herman’s Community Chiropractic Center very convenient. Located in Gloucester City, Dr. Herman’s offices are easy to get to from virtually anywhere in South Jersey.

Residents of South Jersey who are not yet a professional driver but are considering obtaining a CDL and launching a new career can find out more about the process on the State of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission Website. Simply CLICK HERE for more information (link to:

Dr. Herman and the team at the Community Chiropractic Center are very familiar with all of the forms and paperwork required for a DOT physical. The State of New Jersey is very specific about the DOT physical process and failure to comply with their regulations can result in a rejection of your application. When this happens, you must resubmit everything.

South Jersey residents who use Dr. Herman for their DOT physicals should not have this problem. The office personnel are very familiar with the required paperwork, and will get it done right, the first time.

The Community Chiropractic Center specializes in serving South Jersey companies who employ multiple commercial drivers with the CDL designation, as well as driving schools that train drivers. Dr. Herman’s South Jersey office can set up a corporate account that facilitates expedited paperwork and billing for all DOT physicals. Arrangements can also be made for Dr. Herman to administer DOT physicals on site at a company location anywhere in South Jersey for a business with multiple CDL drivers.

Dr. Herman is committed to helping you keep the roads and highways of South Jersey safe through a regular DOT physical. Please contact Dr. Herman’s Community Chiropractic Center at (856) 742-0584 for information about the DOT physical and its requirements. If you live in South Jersey and are ready to schedule your DOT physical, please call us right away, or visit our website at