If you hold a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) and live in Bellmawr, NJ, the Community Chiropractic Center, operated by Dr. Andrew Herman in Gloucester City, is the most convenient location you will find for your required DOT physical. For more than 15 years, Dr. Herman, a Certified Medical Examiner with the Department of Transportation, has been conducting DOT physicals for Bellmawr drivers.

For larger Bellmawr companies with fleets of trucks or teams of CDL drivers, the Community Chiropractic Center can dramatically simplify the DOT physical process. By setting up a corporate account, The Community Chiropractic Center will coordinate all of the required forms needed for the DOT physical and can centralize billing as well. If there are a number of drivers who need a DOT physical at close to the same time, Dr. Herman will come to the workplace and provide the DOT physical examination on site.

For more information about these services, please contact the Community Chiropractic Center directly at (856) 742-0584.

Bellmawr CDL drivers sometimes wonder why the DOT physical is necessary. Dr. Herman, who has served the Bellmawr area for more than 25 years as a chiropractor, explains that the DOT physical is intended to ensure both the safety of the commercial driver and the general public as well.

DOT Certified Medical Examiners like Dr. Herman are trained to evaluate the emotional, physical and mental state of the CDL driver. Ensuring that each professional driver is capable of enduring the challenges posed by their chosen career is an important part of keeping the roads of Bellmawr safe.

The requirements of the DOT physical are established by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and are regulated by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (NJMVC). The FMCSA and the NJMVC have established very precise guidelines that govern the submission of DOT physical results and accompanying paperwork. Bellmawr CDL drivers who do not comply with these provisions risk having their application for certification rejected which necessitates restarting the process from the beginning. The staff at Dr. Herman’s Community Chiropractic Center can ensure that this does not happen to you, with their extensive experience processing DOT physicals.

For complete information about the DOT physical process including the required paperwork and forms, please visit the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission website at You can also call Dr. Herman’s office directly if you wish at (856) 742-0584.

If you are a professional driver in Bellmawr, you should also be aware of the fact that Dr. Herman is an expert at identifying and correcting many neck and spinal conditions that result from long hours behind the wheel. If you are experiencing back or neck pain, it’s a good idea request a consult with Dr. Herman when he administers your DOT physical. Simply contact the office at (856) 742-0584, or visit The Community Chiropractic Center website at Dr. Herman will be able to save both time and money with one easy visit to the office.